TPMS Valves

TPMS (tyre pressure monotoring system)

On some vehicles connected to the back of the valve inside the wheel there is a pressure monitoring device.This messures the pressure and the temperature of the air in the tyre constantly whilst you are driving. If you start to loose pressure in your tyres, after about a loss of 7 to 8 pounds of pressure, the on board computer illuminates a warning light on your dash which you can see here.

If this warning light comes on and stays illuminated you have aquired a puncture and it is warning you to  put some more air in the affected tyre, and get your tyre repaired before it goes completely flat.

If the warning light comes on and starts to flash you have a problem with the TPMS valve fitted to the vehicle. This could be the battery fitted in the sensor has gone flat, or the valve has been damaged, in both cases the TPMS valve will need replacing. Here at Liverpool Mobile Tyres we can service your TPMS valves or we can can replace and reset your TPMS vave and system, if you are having any problems call us on 0151 280 2407.

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