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Most vehicles with alloy wheels are fitted to your vehicle with wheel nuts, but to stop thieves stealing any of your wheels one of the wheel nuts, on each wheel, will be a locking wheel nut. This is a specially designed wheel nut, specific to your car, and you are supplied with the special, locking wheel nut key, that lets you remove the locking wheel nut that holds your wheel on. This is needed when the car needs its wheels removing for something like new brakes or new tyres or when you get a puncture. The problem is that these locking wheel nut keys are easily misplaced or lost and you do not realise it has gone missing until you need to remove the wheel, which in our experience is usually when there is an emergency or time is of the essence, for example when you get a flat tyre and you have to change the wheel or get the puncture repaired.

 If you find yourself in this predicament and you cannot get the locking wheel nut off, call Liverpool Mobile Tyres on 0151 280 2407 immediately. We have a locking wheel nut removal service but before we go down that path we will endeavour to exhaust all avenues that will save you money, if this proves fruitless then we can arrange to come out and the locking wheel nut with our specialist equipment. Our engineer has over 20 years experience in the automotive trade so he will extract the locking wheel nut as opposed to smashing them off, causing the minimum or negligible damage to your vehicle. Then we can fit your tyres or repair your puncture to get you back on the road. For a quote on locking wheel nut removals, albeit Peugeot, Renault, Land Rover, Jaguar to name but a few, call for a quote on 0151 280 2407


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