Guide to Winter Tyres



As winter approaches the temperatures will start to drop, therefore now is a really good time to make sure your car tyres and car battery are up to the challenge of coping with whatever the weather throws at them.

Firstly, get to grips with your tyres. Make sure they have got plenty of tread. The legal minimum limit is 1.6mm tread depth, but motoring and safety groups recommend you seriously consider changing them when the tread depth reaches 3mm, especially if you live in an area where you are likely to be hit by the worst conditions. You may even consider winter tyres. Winter tyres aren't just for snow they work much better at lower temperatures, making them brilliant for icy conditions.

Also make sure your tyres are properly inflated, this will enhance grip, fuel efficiency and performance and it will make your tyres last longer as under inflated tyres wear on their outer edges and degrade prematurely.  Check for any signs of damage or any objects embedded in the tread or walls of your tyres, these conditions could lead to a slow puncture, or if left unchecked a complete failure which at best could leave you stranded or it could result in you being involved in an accident.

Secondly, spare a thought for your battery. As the weather changes and becomes colder it is now that your car battery might start letting you down. A lot of motorists don’t realise their car battery only has a life expectancy of around five years, so if you notice your car struggles to start and your car battery is more than five years old, the chances are it is on borrowed time.

Liverpool Mobile Tyres recommend you don’t wait until it dies completely, leaving you stranded or in the lurch, get it replaced immediately.

Now for the important bit, if you need new car tyres or a car battery remember Liverpool Mobile Tyres supply a wide range of both at highly competitive prices. And our mobile service means we supply and fit your car tyres or car battery at your home or work at a time that suits you.

You can order your new car tyres or car battery online now or if you need help or advice you can contact Liverpool Mobile Tyres on 0151 280 2407 for any assistance.


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