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Runflat tyres have become increasingly more popular on certain makes and models over the past few years. Runflats are designed to continue to perform even when they have no air in them, the sidewall is constructed to be extremely strong which allows you to continue driving until you can stop and have the tyre repaired- some manufacturers do not allow repairs on their runflats. Being able to continue to your destination or not having to worry about tyres blowing out, is an advantage to be sure. However runflats have a few kinks in them that we here at Liverpool Mobile Tyres we would like to draw your attention to so you get the most out of your runflat.


Some critics of runflat accuse them of having a “hard” ride, so much so that even when empty of air it is difficult to feel the difference between inflated and not. Even to look at them it is difficult and sometimes impossible to tell if they have sufficient air in them. Therefore we would recommend checking your tyre pressures as part of your weekly routine. The correct PSI (pounds per square inch- or the correct amount of air that should be in your tyre) can be found on the inside of your fuel filler cap, or call us here and we will happily find out for you. This way you will now if you are losing pressure and can call us for a puncture repair, thus maintaining the life of your tyre.


Further more if you are running around on a runflat that has no air in it, all the shocks and lumps and bumps in the road will be taking their toll on your wheels. This is a very costly business, so check your pressures to protect your wheels and tyres.


If however disaster strikes and your runflat does become unusable, the next problem is that you will not have a spare. You will probably find a compressor and some tyre glue, we would urge you, if at all possible NOT to use the glue, we have very rarely seen it work, and if your tyre was repairable unfortunately we will be unable to do anything with it once it is full of glue. If this is all looking familiar, please do not hesitate to call us for some friendly no obligation advice. If we cannot assist you we will always point you in the right direction, as we understand thing like this only happen when you are pushed for time or the kids need picking up etc.


To replace your runflat or arrange a puncture repair simply call Liverpool Mobile Tyres. We stock the largest range of runflat tyres whether you need economy, mid range or premium brand tyres. You name the brand- Fortuna, Accelera, Kumho, Pirelli, Continental or newer brands such as Nexen, then do not hesitate to call 0151 280 2407.


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